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I used to work for one a company that liked to think of itself as the world’s rare disease company. I’m an IT guy and generally annoying know-it-all. Well, I have to be smart to do what I do for a living, and I am an unabashed fan of learning and doing deep dives on technology that interests me. I like to share because in most moments, I generally assume everyone else would be as interested in the backstory as me. Then, I remind myself of a recent rant by comedian John Oliver in which he exclaims “It’s like the IT guy showing up and trying to teach me! I don’t want to know!” (I paraphrase).

Some of us in the office recently had a discussion about the world of search engines and ranking for particular terms related to rare disease companies.

I know a little about this… I actually know a lot about this. I nearly made the transition into SEO guy from network guy before accepting this current role. I studied it for years. I know how to cross the Ts and dot the Is in a search-approved manner. At least I think I still do.

So, this site, whose domain I purchased on May 6 2015, is a bit of a test. It’s a test for me to see if the knowledge I accumulated throughout 2009/10/11 is still relevant. I’m curious. I can’t help myself.

So, none of the ideas posted here represent the views of my former employer, the world’s rare disease company, as they like to think. They are only my own. And the content is hastily written second hand reporting. It’s not my best by any shot. But it serves the subject-relevant point for this test.

As with everything, results matter. Let’s see how this one does!

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